Reverse the Signs of Aging without Any Down Time!

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TempSure™Envi is a gentle new radio frequency treatment that minimizes facial fine lines, wrinkles and tightens skin.

It’s safe for all skin types and levels of sun exposure, so it fits perfectly into any beauty maintenance routine, any time of year.

99% of patients reported the treatment to be pain free so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your TempSure™Envi treatment today!

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Welcome to a simpler way to maintain beautiful skin!

The TempSure™Envi treatment is delivered using hand pieces that have been carefully designed to safely deliver radio-frequency energy into delicate areas, where your skin has become thinner during the natural aging process. This includes (but is not limited to) forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, smile lines and wrinkles.

TempSure™Envi has been known to give you an instant glow resulting in a smoother appearance and younger-looking skin!

TempSure Treatment Process

Safe for all Skin Types!

Convenient and Gentle!

Absolutely NO Downtime or Recovery!

TempSure™Envi fits perfectly into any beauty maintenance routine, any time of year! There’s no surgery, no needles and no downtime so you can immediately get back to what you were doing and look great doing it!

What can I expect?

TempSure™Envi is a comfortable, safe treatment that doesn’t have any downtime. Patients have reported that it feels similar to a relaxing hot stone massage. You might have slight redness after the procedure which is caused by your skin’s elevated temperatures during the treatment, and will subside soon afterwards. You will be able to return to your normal day-to-day activities immediately after your treatment.

Treatments can be done in less than an hour!

The entire face takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes, for specific target areas, treatment can take as little as 30 minutes. We suggest 3-5 treatments around 2-4 weeks apart.

Before & After TempSure Skin Care

After 3 treatments

Before & After Tempsure™Envi Skin Care Treatment

After 4 treatments

I really like the results I have seen after TempSure full face treatments. My face feels so much smoother and some of the small lines I had, have disappeared! Issues I experienced with dry eyes have improved a lot, my eyes no longer burn and water while reading.


My TempSure treatment was a very pleasant spa-like experience, the tech was professional, efficient and friendly. My skin looks and feels better than it has in years!


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